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Welcome to Zenodose!

Our Story
At Zenodose, we're a passionate team dedicated to bringing you the benefits of cannabis in a whole new way. Our journey began with a shared vision to discover a natural solution for common mental health challenges and enhance overall well-being.

Inspired by Personal Experience
Our team members have personally encountered various mental health challenges, including ADHD, stress, overwhelm, burnout, and depression. We embarked on a quest to find effective treatments, exploring everything from herbal adaptogens to prescription medications. It was during this exploration that we stumbled upon a remarkable discovery.

Discovering True Microdosing
Through experimentation and feedback, we found that consuming a tiny fraction of a cannabis gummy every day, without experiencing intoxication, brought about remarkable benefits. It allowed us to relax, regain focus, and find greater joy in our work and daily lives. This experience led us to develop a reliable product that provided this ultra-low-dose more easily.

Forming Zenodose
Recognizing the challenges of cutting up higher-dose cannabis gummies with consistency and precision, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We assembled a talented team from both the cannabis and wellness industries, all sharing a common belief: that THC can be more than just a buzz.

Our Mission
We firmly believe that ultra-low doses are the key to unlocking the true potential of cannabis. Our goal is to provide a reliable, convenient, and precise solution for incorporating microdose cannabis into your daily routine.

Join us on the Journey
We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, let's embrace a healthier and more balanced approach to life, freeing ourselves from the stresses of modern living. At Zenodose, we are dedicated to helping you rediscover your vibrant self.

— The Zenodose Team

What’s up with the Name?

Yes. We named our brand after an obscure ancient Greek philosopher... But why?

Zeno's work has been hailed as "subtle yet profound." His key contribution to philosophy was his paradoxes — thought experiments on the effects of dividing measurements into infinitely smaller pieces (which is why the tortoise beat Achilles in a race? Don’t ask...)

When we first started experimenting with THC microdosing —  cutting cannabis gummies into smaller and smaller pieces — we felt a bit like Zeno. And the name stuck.

In early testing with our community, we discovered that people’s cannabis sensitivity varied widely — no single dose-level was perfect for everyone. But by starting with  the smallest dose possible, each person could easily & safely build up to their sweet spot: a state of mental and physical flow, with improved mood and focus — but without the distracting psychoactive effects caused by stronger doses.

The smallest doses, the biggest effects. Now that’s a paradox.