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How I Use Zeno: Emma
Legal eagle Emma used microdose THC to ditch prescription stimulants and round-the-clock coffee — which actually made her more productive while improving her sleep.
How I Use Zeno: Jordi
Jordi shares about how he uses low-dose THC to stay cool, calm, and collected while leading his company to scale.
How I Use Zeno: Bret
‍LA-based screenwriter Brett tells us how he uses low-dose THC to find more joy in his work, and more openness in his social life — all with a gentle, natural supplement.
How I Use Zeno: Sean
Sean, a real estate developer, shares with us how he uses low-dose THC to better manage his workload. Compared with taking off-label stimulants with unpleasant side-effects, he finds himself more inspired, motivated, and able to engage his work intelligently...