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How I Use Zeno: Sean

Sean, a real estate developer, shares with us how he uses low-dose THC to better manage his workload. Compared with taking off-label stimulants with unpleasant side-effects, he finds himself more inspired, motivated, and able to engage his work intelligently...

Why did you start taking Zeno?

I was looking for an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

Which ones?

Adderall, specifically.

Did you have a prescription or...?

To be honest? No. I just took it here and there. Whenever the need is real, if that makes sense. 

As in, whenever you need to get work done? 

Exactly. When it's just a really heavy workload. High-stress times. My industry really ebbs and flows with work, so sometimes I’ll take Adderall once a week, sometimes I’ll take it every day for a week. 

And has that changed since you started taking Zeno?

Yeah, now I don’t take it at all.

What motivated you to change in the first place?

I guess at the end of the day I just don’t like the effects of Adderall. 

Why not?

Well, loss of appetite is a big downside for me. And sleep is basically always an issue. And then I guess you’re just jittery all the time.

And what effects from Zeno are you noticing?

I definitely have more energy and focus with Zeno than without it. Especially when I mix it with coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon — I feel more focused and energetic, with more clarity in general.

What about the side effects you were experiencing with Adderall?

They’re more or less gone. I can definitely eat more. And sleep is less of an issue.

How would you compare Zeno and Adderall in terms of productivity?

I think they just work in different ways.

The first time I took Zeno I was in the middle of a meeting, and then like half an hour later, I started feeling weirdly encouraged. Like, wanting to go do work instead of procrastinating. I remember thinking, “I actually want to jump into Excel and start making financial models,” which is something that I don't normally like to do.

Zeno made me feel more motivated. More interested. Less anxious about getting started.

And Adderall isn’t like that?

No. With Adderall I’ll just start cleaning my house and doing the dishes and the laundry and like, rearranging my desk. Stuff that doesn’t really help me get through the work I actually need to get done.

Or even if I do end up diving into the work with Adderall, sometimes I’ll just start making lists and other kinds of busywork. Stuff that isn't necessarily useful. But I'm not as distractible in that way on Zeno.

With Zeno, you feel motivated to focus on what actually needs to get done.

What about outside of work?

I tried taking Zeno on a Friday night when I wanted some extra energy to be able to go out. I took a higher dose — haha — and it actually worked well.

Speaking of doses, tell us about your routine.

So at first I just took a single tablet in the morning. And I felt it, but it wasn't quite enough for me. So the next day, I increased my dose.

I took two Zenos in the morning, and in the afternoon I took a third Zeno when the effects were fading a little bit. That “two + one” combo’s been great for me. 

You mentioned coffee and tea before too.

Yeah, I really like the interaction it has with caffeine. The coffee is energizing and so is the Zeno, and together I really feel like they help me wake up and get going in the morning.

Would you say you notice it throughout the day?

I mean, it's not like an edible where you're like, “Oh man, I'm high.”

Zeno's more like a heightened sense of perception. But it’s not strong — you only notice it if you try to notice it.

We talked about THC for work and for energy at night. But what about socially?

Again I’ll compare it to before. Sometimes when I take Adderall, I get pretty grouchy. Like, you’re not the nicest person to be around. You just wanna put your head down and do busywork and you don’t want anyone to bother you.

Compared to being on stimulants, Zeno is definitely more social. You don’t have that negative attitude.

Have any of your colleagues or friends noticed a difference?

My wife, haha. Before, when I was taking a bunch of Adderall, I'd come home from a long day and be totally wired. It's just hard to sit down and have a nice dinner together when you're like that. Zeno is definitely not as intense. You don't feel like a crackhead.

Okay and lastly, what about physical activities? Have you tried Zeno in combination with exercise?

I mean, I don’t specifically take Zeno and then go to the gym. I just go to the gym most days anyway as part of my after-work routine.

Do you notice any difference when you’re there?

Well, I definitely don't like working out when I've taken Adderall. Or rather, with Adderall I’ll just stay at my desk. Like, I'll work through the time when I should be working out. I’ll just skip it, just like I skip eating.

Zeno doesn’t interfere with my good habits — eating or working out — the way that stimulants did.

In closing: any advice for the Zeno curious?

Don't think of Zeno as a cannabis product.

It doesn’t feel like you’re taking an edible. I don't think I could work after taking an edible — I’d probably just want to sit and watch TV. But Zeno is totally different. 

For people who take stimulants from time to time to get work done, I’d definitely recommend Zeno instead. It's a way more sustainable alternative.