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Designed to reduce anxiety, boost mood and increase focus...The super subtle effect makes it a good option for those hoping to incorporate cannabis into a daily health and wellness regimen... —Forbes review

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"Cannabis consumers may be doing themselves a disservice when chasing after high-THC levels to abate anxiety levels. If it’s lessening anxiety you want, true microdoses are the answer." —Forbes review

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Can THC be taken as a daily vitamin, as part of a consumer’s daily routine? For Zeno, a company that recently unveiled a 0.4 mg THC tablet, the answer is yes.

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What people are saying


I took Zeno for a boost after teaching for 2 hours and IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I was able to be fully present and focused on my 4 clients AND THEN teach my high intensity class. Highly recommended for day-to-day as well as workouts!

Erin W, Yoga & Fitness Instructor


I'm enjoying getting into the ocean for a surf after taking my Zeno doses. It's greatly enhanced my awareness in the water and has elevated my flow state while I'm out there. I love that I can control my experience with such a reliable low dose.

Jamie R, Tech Executive


I’m loving Zeno and take it every day for enhanced focus and uplift (2 is the sweet spot for me). Although I enjoy high-dose gummies on the weekend, during the week I’m super productive and creative thanks to Zeno’s functional micro-dosing.

Chris J, Cofounder of Wyld Gummies


Zeno calmed and focused my mind so I could sit and study for my master's degree program without my usual restlessness and impulsive distraction. I love it!

Rae G, Psychotherapy Master's Student


I knew cannabis could help me unwind on the weekend but never imagined it could help me at work! I was focused and built great momentum on a ton of tasks that normally drag: both deep dive research, and mindless gruntwork.

Erik V, Investment Banker & Olympian


I've had some TERRIBLE cannabis experiences, but I was amazed at how different this was. Cannabis can actually be a safe and empowering supplement. I just needed to find my sweet spot with Zeno!

Greg B, Entrepreneur & Photographer


Our Philosophy


True Microdosing

Microdosing is about consuming tiny amounts of psychoactive ingredients on a regular basis. Yet most cannabis products that use the “m word” only go down to 2.5 mg per dose — way too much for most people to consume recreationally, let alone as a daily microdose! At 0.4 mg per tab, Zeno offers the only ultra-low-dose THC tab on the market: a true microdose.


Precision Adjustment

The ancient Greeks first proposed the concept of atoms: the smallest building blocks of life. That’s how we think about Zeno. By starting with the smallest unit — a single Zeno tab — you can gradually build up to find the level that’s right for your unique body chemistry. Members of our community report taking one or more Zeno tabs daily — either all at once, or spread out over the course of the day. Check out our suggested dosing routines for ideas on how to incorporate Zeno into your optimal flow.


Synergistic Ingredients

We believe in harmony and collaboration. That’s why we enhance our THC microdose with the natural amino acid L-Theanine. Theanine is proven to enhance focus and calm (it’s the reason that green tea is way more chill than coffee), and there’s new research suggesting that Theanine modulates THC for a smoother, safer experience. The result? A balanced boost of well-being, so you can be your everyday best self.


Gentle Enhancement

Modern life takes a toll — stressing your nervous system with a constant barrage of stimuli and distraction. Zeno restores your balance, keeping you steady even in the eye of the storm. Now you don’t need to ride the caffeine rollercoaster, become dependent on iffy pharmaceuticals, or “check out” with escapist highs (though we don’t judge anyone’s approach). Instead, Zeno helps you check IN to your innate balance, with a simple daily supplement that enhances your natural resilience and mood.

The Science of Microdosing

Skeptical about cannabis as a daily supplement? Believe it or not, THC has been shown to help restore focus to the brain, especially when consumed in lower-than-normal doses. 

In a randomized controlled trial at King׳s College London, small amounts of cannabis were associated with “a nominally significant improvement in hyperactivity/impulsivity… a cognitive measure of inhibition [i.e., the ability to tune out irrelevant stimuli]… and a trend towards improvement for inattention.”

Or in plain English: low-dose cannabis calms the mind just enough to help you stay inspired and on-task.

The research is still young, to be sure. And obviously larger doses of cannabis can create the exact opposite of focus (just ask anyone who’s accidentally eaten a potent pot brownie). But the evidence suggests that tiny amounts of THC — around one to three Zeno beads (0.4mg to 1.2mg THC) — could be the key to greater focus, flow, and resilient good mood.