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It takes vision and deep experience to overturn an industry's entrenched assumptions. With decades of combined expertise, we’re committed to making the healing and life-enhancing benefits of cannabis far more accessible.

Jack Dreifuss

Founder / CEO

Jack is a high-energy, out-of-the-box entrepreneur who has founded, nurtured, or invested in multiple successful ventures over the last 7 years. His natural curiosity has led him from finance to tech to fashion and CPG — and now plant medicines. Notable successes include growing SimpleLegal (as Head of Sales & Business Development) to a $60M acquisition, and driving growth at Bolt (Head of Strategy). Jack's personal experience treating chronic stress & burnout with microdoses of cannabis inspired him to found Zeno.

Jeronimo De Miguel

cofounder / cmo

Jeronimo is a marketing & innovation strategist with over 20 years of experience helping organizations and individuals to expand their understanding of what’s possible. Jeronimo was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his work with the UN on nation-building & community development. As Chief Marketing Officer for John Hancock, he launched a tech-enabled system to incentivize healthy lifestyles for thousands of Canadians. He serves on a Faculty Advisory Board at McGill University and teaches Brand Management at the University of Toronto.

Ben Odell

head of product

Ben has been developing brands and product lines for ethical & sustainable companies for over a decade. He began his career creating animated & interactive properties in Hollywood, before deciding to tell the stories of products and companies on the cutting edge of their industries. Highlights include the category-defining cannabis company Foria, and one of the first organic superfood brands (later acquired by Nestle).  Ben studied English Literature at Harvard (where he was a nationally-ranked swimmer), and Architecture & Design at UCLA.

Alison Bryce

marketing lead

Alison is a seasoned marketing and operations professional who is skilled at end-to-end project management by cultivating cross-functional relationships. She has more than 15 years of content marketing, brand building, event planning, client management and operational experience.